Our advantages

High quality of products – a thorough tracking and quality control at all stages of following goods to the final consumer.

WShipping within the stipulated time - we know how important it is to get the raw materials of required quality in the shortest time. We value our reputation, we value each of our partners and always try to provide a stable and regular supply of grain quality and forwarding support from the factory.

Reasonable prices - market knowledge, strong ties and funding of farmers in Ukraine, experience trading platforms (exchanges) of the EU and the world, all these allow us to make attractive offers to our customers.

Flexible payment system - we consider the possibility of deferred payment and credit.

Openness - we are always happy to meet with you to discuss business issues, choose only the best option for the client and promptly solve all possible problems.

Safety - the company has a long term contract storage of all elevators in Western Ukraine, both public and private.

Convenience and high level of service - we provide the opportunity to get samples of products and supply grain to the partners directly to the warehouse.